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The Christian Labour Association of Ghana (CLAG) is a non-governmental recruitment institution established in Ghana, West Africa. We are fully equipped and well-resourced to meet the manpower requirements of multinationals and corporate clients, as well as industrial and commercial business houses. With CLAG's proven track record in recruiting for the Health-Care, Hospitality, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, IT, Shipping, Oil & Gas, and Engineering Industries in Ghana, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, we are ready to meet your workforce needs.

With CLAG's firm and combined belief in Excellence and the goal of acquiring the best assets for our clients, CLAG give candidates in its program technical and professional training in collaboration with renowned training institutions like The Regional Maritime University (RMU), National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), City and Guilds of London (CGL) and many other accredited institutions in and outside Ghana.

CLAG as an organization believes in fairness and transparency, so we take it upon ourselves to ensure that all candidates have all the proper, authentic, and legally certified documents such as Educational Certificates, Travel Documents, and Police and Security Clearances, as well as ensuring candidates go through the required Medical Checks to ensure that program members are fully prepared to work locally and overseas. We have also completed and complied with all directives recently promulgated by the Ghanaian Government with respect to private employment recruitment.

Our highly qualified professional staff make the recruitment process easy for the employers as well as the job-seekers, all within a timely and effective manner. Whether you are looking for skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled labour, our qualified and experienced staff combine their recruitment knowledge, search skills and selection methodologies with a keen understanding of your industry in order to deliver the best employee. Also as part of our customer satisfaction policy, CLAG keeps a database of candidates working in the above-mentioned sectors and continuously monitors their progress.

Six reasons why you should choose a CLAG worker:

  1. Excellent relationship skills: The workers at Christian Labour love to communicate and show a lot of empathy towards others.
  2. Family orientation: They have very close family relations not just with parents but also with other relatives.
  3. Joy and a good sense of humour: The workers from Christian Labour are always in a good and friendly mood.
  4. Adaptability and creativity: The workers from Christian Labour can easily adapt to changes in their physical or social environment.
  5. Hard work and industry: The desire to offer a decent life to their families motivates workers from Christian Labour to carry out difficult tasks over prolonged period of times.
  6. Faith in God: They are very religious people, which assists them in having a great deal of courage and optimism.

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