Foreign knowledge and language

Recruiting a foreign team in your company enables local workers to work along with foreign candidates. In one way or another, they would be able to learn new languages and practice cultural differences. This would be a good exchange of cultural knowledge and this contributes to one having a wider perspective on the global citizens.

Labour market outcomes improve for new immigrantsIn 2021, the employment rate was 77% among recent immigrants, 81% among longer-term immigrants, and 84% among the Canadian born. Jun 22, 2022 

Often there are places in your business where qualified employees from your country are in short supply. Every country has areas where there are insufficient experts. In this case, a foreign worker may be a valuable asset to your business. There are literally millions of candidates around the world who could fill in the role and provide your organization the skill you require.

Benefits of Hiring For​eign Workers

The advantag​es​​ of hiring foreign workers

  • Access to a global talent pool. Hiring foreign workers all​ows access to an international pool of talent. ...
  • Global innovation. ...
  • Rewarding professional environment. ...
  • Flexible workforce.

CLAG Training

During their training periods, our candidate students are evaluated by nationally and internationally accredited institutions such as the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI),  City and Guilds of London (CGL), the Regional Maritime University (RMU), the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), the Ghana Institute of Languages and  other relevant nationally and internationally accredited institutions.


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NVTI was set up in Ghana by the International Labour Organization (ILO), and its standards for training and certification are regulated by ILO standards. COTVET is a national body set up by an act of parliament in Ghana to coordinate and oversee all aspects of technical and vocational education and training in the country.


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